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Is Evolution Real?
     Is Evolution Real?

Is Indoctrination Wrong?
Is Indoctination Wrong?

Is Bill Nye Logically Challenged?
Is Bill Nye Logically Challenged?

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Concealed Within Scripture: The Diary of Jesus

Price: $23.95
Item Number: 9780595413263

The supposition that Jesus was an Essene, a member of an esoteric sect which lived near the city of Qumran and was respnsible for the Dead Sea Scrolls, has been defended and criticized by many scholars over the years. Concealed Within Scripture does not defend the view, but assumes it was true, and then attampts to capture what Jesus might have thought and how he may have acted given that assumption. It presents his views in the form of a first person journal by attempting to understand the Christian scriptures as allegorical of real world events.

If the followers of Jesus had wanted to disguise the history of Jesus, they would have used parables. Based upon that assumption, we can approximate the real history of Jesus by deciphering the parables, and interpreting the stories within the Bible. By doing so we can find that the real historical Jesus was there all along, concealed within the words of the scriptures.

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