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Is Indoctination Wrong?

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Is Bill Nye Logically Challenged?

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How to Reliably Pilot Your Own Mind: An Introduction to Critical Thinking

Price: $32.00
Item Number: 9780983188452

How to Reliably Pilot Your Own Mind will be available to ship in July.  It includes many of those items you will find in any critical thinking textbook: a definition of the subject, barriers to critical thinking, definitions, deductive and inductive arguments, fallacies, and more. It is exceptional, however, in that it also includes chapters on Worldview Exploration, and a specific chapter on reasoning in support of Normative Claims. Students will also appreciate chapters on writing argumentative papers, critical thinking standards, and Aristotle’s division of rhetoric into ethos, pathos, and logos.

Marcelo Pimentel is the Chair of Humanities and Full Professor of Philosophy at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, California. He was the Orange County Teacher of the Year for 2006.

Table of Contents


Introduction: What Is Critical Thinking All About & Why Does It Matter?  1

Chapter One: The Difference Between Uncritical Thinking & Critical Thinking         29

Chapter Two:  Self-Assessment & Some Uncritical Methods & Mindsets  61

Chapter Three: Critical Thinking Methods & Mindsets      82

Chapter Four: Evaluation & How to Argue a Normative Thesis      98

Chapter Five: Developing and Presenting Arguments       111

Chapter Six: The Standards of Critical Thinking     120

Chapter Seven: The Features of Good Arguments              132

Chapter Eight: Rhetoric & Three Mechanisms of Persuasion: Pathos, Ethos & Logos            155

Chapter Nine: Fallacies of Reasoning       180

Chapter Ten: Analyzing Your Worldview    208

PART TWO:  Thinking Critically About Current Affairs        227

Chapter Eleven:  Love & Marriage             228

Chapter Twelve: Gay Marriage   237

Chapter Thirteen: The Media: Gender, Race, Labor & Democracy                247

Chapter Fourteen: War in Iraq    256

Chapter Fifteen: Drug Legalization            260

Chapter Sixteen: Capital Punishment      274

Chapter Seventeen: Euthanasia 284

Chapter Eighteen: Affirmative Action      291

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